Organic Baobab Powder 500g

What is Baobab Powder?
Baobab fruit is Africa’s true superfruit! Within the hard fruit pods of the baobab tree, the numerous small dark seeds are tiny powerhouses of skin nutrients that become available to us when they are cold-pressed, and the rich golden oil is released. Surrounding the seeds is a densely nutritious and nourishing baobab powder.

Why is Baobab Powder named a superfruit?
Baobab powder contains high levels of Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and dietary fibers making it excellent for digestive health. These minerals all exist in a naturally balanced relationship within the fruit. It has 4-6 times more vitamin C than oranges as well as a high anti-oxidant rating, it’s one of the richest plant-based sources of calcium at 1.5 times more than almonds, it contains twice as much magnesium as leafy greens, 6 times the potassium of bananas and is a particularly rich source of dietary fiber, 75% of which is the soluble fiber necessary for gut health. Our diets are often deficient in these minerals and baobab powder is an excellent source of these nutrients.

What are the health benefits of it?
Increased energy levels
Boost the immune system
Maintain healthy blood sugar levels
Maintain healthy heart function
Enhance recovery from exercise
Promote mental clarity
Promote healthy skin
Improve sleep patterns
Reduce fatigue levels
Enhance dieting by creating a feeling of fullness
Vitamin C and glycemic control to support weight loss efforts
A natural liver cleanser and detoxifier

Directions for use:
Add a tablespoon of baobab powder to a bowl of yogurt
Mix a spoonful of baobab powder into a glass of milk
Baobab powder is a great ingredient in smoothies
Use as a flavour in desserts like cheesecake or sorbet

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