Grape Seed Powder 900g

Grape Seed Powder

• Good for heart health: promotes healthy circulation and helps lower bad cholesterol

• Grape Seed Powder contains polyphenols, a compound that’s high in antioxidants.

• Powerful anti-inflammatory and helps reduce swelling from injury

• Supports eyes health in instances such as diabetes

• High in fibre

• Can help reduce abdominal fat and weight gain

• Wheat, gluten free and vegan-friendly

• Reduced oil content means the powder is heat stable

• Free op sugars, soy, dairy and preservatives

How to use:

• Mix in blender drinks, smoothies and yogurt

• Add to yogurt, hot or cold cereals, cottage cheese

• Sprinkle over ice cream • Put the powder into capsules and take with water

• Using it for battering and crusts

• Makes a good binder for flourless mixes

• Individuals with a restricted or gluten free diet, will enjoy the nutritional benefits of Grape Seed Flour

R37.99 (inc VAT)

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