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Serenity – 500ml


Rosehip and Baobab infused massage oil

Grape Seed Oil
The high amount of omega 6 found in cold extracted grape seed oil could assist in balancing the natural oil levels of the skin. The oil is also known to hold anti-inflammatory properties and could act as an antioxidant to prevent the formation of free radicals. Grape Seed Oil could be used in either its pure form or as a carrier oil to be combined with various essential oils which is known to assist in the repair of damaged skin. The oil has been known to contain procyanidin dimers which is currently being researched as a means to prevent cancer.

Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp seed oil contains the perfect ratio of omega 3,6 and 9. This perfectly balanced ratio of omega oils has been known to hydrate the skin and repair damaged tissue. The oil can be used alongside a carrier oil to create the perfect balance of anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties for optimal skin hydration and healing. Scar tissue can be soothed by applying hemp seed oil to the affected area. The oil also has moisturising effects and will prevent dry skin.

Essential Oils

Lime Essential oil
Improves breathing and relaxes the muscles, increasing energy. Improves circulation to muscle.

Geranium Essential oil
Relieves stress to reduce depression. The oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties to improve circulation and to benefit the health of skin.

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